Tuesday, September 17, 2019

By Staylor Home Inspections, Rich Gallagher, Engineer, B.S., M.S


     Safety is one of the main concerns of the home buyer and fall protection is one of those safety concerns. The building code governs where fall protection is to be installed but not all fall hazards are addressed by the building code.

     Decks, porches, balconies, retaining walls and other structures that are 30 inches or higher require railings for fall protection.
Here are some examples:

Structures that are less than 30 inches high do not require railings and in many municipalities railings with horizontal crossmembers are allowed by the code. Certainly, injury can result from a fall of less than 30 inches and horizontal crossmembers can form an ideal ladder for children.

Here are some examples of, less than safe, code approved railings:

When it comes to fall protection, common sense should begin where the building code ends.


     You can use toothpaste, mixed with a little water, to clean glass stovetops.

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